Book Review – Behind Her Eyes


I received an ARC of Sarah Pinborough’s new novel, Behind Her Eyes, from FlatIron Books to spread anticipation for the upcoming release. My thoughts on this book, in a nutshell? Absolute, addictive, insanity. Considering the only other Pinborough book I’ve read involved giant spiders that use humans as breeding vessels, triggering a horrific arachnid apocalypse, I didn’t really know what to expect from this one. It was billed as a psychological thriller, which is pretty generic these days; everything is a Gone Girl wannabe. But this thriller is seriously like no other thriller I’ve ever read, with twists that you wouldn’t see coming if you were Professor X.

The novel is told from multiple viewpoints, which has the danger of becoming confusing, but each character’s voice is so clear that it’s not hard to keep them straight. The plot at first doesn’t seem that interesting, you think it’s the standard love triangle, a married man attracted to his secretary, yawn. But there are clever twists from the very beginning and you’re constantly left questioning who you can trust, whose version of events to believe. In fact, it’s really hard to discuss this book at all without giving anything away.

Which makes it very difficult to explain the one thing I didn’t like. This is an entirely personal opinion, I’m definitely not trying to discourage you from reading this book, it was amazing. Having said that, ambiguity always makes me uncomfortable, especially in endings, which I prefer straight-forward, just, and (ideally) happy. But I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time watching rom-coms, and couldn’t sleep after any Mentalist episode involving Red John. So make of that what you will.

Behind Her Eyes releases January 31.


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