Baby Proof : Book Review

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Title: Baby Proof

Author: Emily Giffin

Genre: Chick-lit

This year I’ve been making a conscious effort to add more variety to my reading: more nonfiction and genres other than mystery/thrillers. I’ve been inadvertently building a collection of chick-lit and never reading them (even though rom-coms are my favorite movie genre), so it seems like a good year to make a dent in them. This was the first candidate, by new-to-me author Emily Giffin, and after finishing it I can say I will definitely be picking up more of her books.

It only took a few pages for me to fall in love with her writing, even while I struggled with my feelings for the main character. The thing that annoys me the most about chick-lit books is the abundance of MCs who are entitled and overly confident. Give me heroines who are flawed and KNOW it. (Looking at you, Bridget Jones.) I spent most of the book inwardly yelling at Claudia for her choices and her attitude. Basically, this is the story of a woman who never wanted children and married her perfect man, Ben, who also didn’t want kids, only to find a couple of years later that Ben has changed his mind. She then spends the rest of the book pining for her soulmate who “left her” because she wouldn’t compromise. There was a lot of frustrated sighing on my part as I read this one, let me tell you.

But besides Claudia’s blissful self-ignorance, I actually found her a likable character, and as I said before, the writing was FABULOUS. Honestly, it was better than I expected it to be, which means I should probably rethink my opinion of chick-lit novels. There was also a minor character, Richard, who totally reminded me of Robert Downey Jr, so that was a bonus. All in all, I gave this one four stars. You can pick it up on, which offers free worldwide shipping!

If you’re a chick-lit fan, who’s your favorite author?



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